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The book idea?

I had this idea for a book based on facts i have learned over the years. Now there is a small chance that this is a real occurrence at all, but i think its a pretty interesting idea i had. If you are familiar with the stories of the anunnaki from Sumerian literature, you will know of the stories of how the anunnaki supposedly came down to the earth to search for gold. However, these aliens, or ‘gods’ as the sumerian people called them, were too lazy to do all the work(apparently also to lazy to make machines). So, these beings created man to be the workers or slaves by genetically altering the indigenous species. Of course, how i told this story is modernized, but i will go on this. Later the humans rebelled and were free. Now i will move into the various flood myths. Supposedly, if the aliens wanted to purify the population of the more apelike non ‘Humans’. so the created a catastrophe  flood) to destroy them. Here is where the plot of the book comes in. Suppose some of these more apelike humans escaped the flood. Could they have survive to this day? What if they live on as creatures like bigfoot. Now if you have been following, you may realize that these creatures would be the ‘original’ humans! What does that make us then? A hybrid species! the book would follow a boy who discovers this awful truth and realizes a government attempt to please their alien overlords, who control the governments of the world, by killing off these remainders  of the original humans. The boy will be faced with either helping the government or helping the humans, who he thought he was a part of. Crazy, right? Impossible  you say! Probably so but it sure makes a good book! I will maybe right it one day.


Imagine if you could only see in black and white. You would miss the splendour of a rainbow. Imagine your life like that and how it would be different. How many people would you not know or how would you personality be different. It is said that if you stretched the electro-magnetic spectrum across the entire world, the visible light we can see would only be an inch long. Imagine how much of the world we are missing. Who cares about the Kardashians girls or whatever they are! I want to experience life to the fullest extent. Maybe some day…

People always ask me, ‘Why do it? go there? Why can’t you just use robots?’ Because that’s what we do.
Don Walsh(Trieste pilot)
The burden of proof with God's existence is proving he doesn't exist.
Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.
Jim Carrey

This is totally me. I appreciate mostly everything.

This is very interesting. This area has lots of UFO activity. There is a local legend that a world wide ancient advanced civilization created these supposed statues but died long ago. Click on the link.


If a tree falls in the forestand no one is around to hear it does it make a sound??? Well, we don’t know. Until someone observes it, it either has made a sound or not. Or, according to a recent renegade hypothesis, it hasn’t made a sound at all because, since there are no measurements being made by a conscious mind, there are no particles and there is no tree. This hypothesis claims our universe is based on how our mind precepts it. However, if the universe has a universal conscious, as one hypothesis suggests, the universe itself determines weather the tree makes a sound or not. Of course, under this hypothesis, the tree would make a sound because the universe demands everything obeys the laws of physics. So the tree would create pressure ways and make a sound when it falls. Or will it? We’ll never know unless we make a measurement that determines definitely that the tree makes a sound.

I saw this on the USS Lexington.

I saw this on the USS Lexington.

This explains how the islanders made the nosiness move without rollers into place.